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Photo by Tomita Ryouhei

Year of 2016
Seize the Uncertain Day -ふたしかなその日 (Futashitakana sono Hi)

This exhibition attempts to search for a flexible, elastic way of living that is demanded by a contemporary world where life is no longer secure, as we face social environments that appear unstable due to natural disasters, endless conflicts and unsettled refugee problems. In response to the situation, super-subjective documentary emerges from an attitude to ‘seize the day’ on such infirm ground. Through exploring the uncertain, the day in the exhibition that consists of the three sections Night: Flash and Shimmering Light, the Fault, and Daytime: Circle and Awareness, elastic ways to live with awareness of such uncertainties are presented in works of art from the 1970s to recent works by young artists exposed to the precarious situation of the present age. Through the exhibition, viewers will achieve a sensuous experience of existence in a fluid but at the same time solid state.

Nobuyoshi Araki / Osamu Kanemura / Rinko Kawauchi / Yoi Kawakubo / Miyuki Kido / Haruka Komori + Natsumi Seo / Taro Shinoda / Sayaka Shimada / Takuma Nakahira / Asako Narahashi / Takanobu Hayashi / Tsuyoshi Hisakado / Takeshi Hyakutou / Daido Moriyama / Tomoko Yoneda / Mayuko Yuge / Kazuhiko Washio

Chinretsukan Gallery, The University Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts

Sat. 18th March, 2017 – Wed. 5th April, 2017

Organized by
Tokyo University of Arts Graduate School of Global Arts, Department of Arts Studies and Curatorial Practices

Special Sponsor
Culture Vision Japan Foundation Inc.

Yuko Hasegawa (Professor of Tokyo University of the Arts, Graduate School of Global Arts, Department of Arts Studies and Curatorial Practices)

Seiha Kurosawa, Yuuka Minegishi, Midori Miyakawa, Mei Miyauchi, Lily Shu, Yohji Suzuki, and Junya Utsumi

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